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Design of a modern villa in Iran

Design of a modern villa in Iran

Design of a modern villa in Iran

Always keep in mind that seeing an image, we can not put it into practice, although in modern villas, 3D images and drawings can give a good idea to the designer and architect, but the reality of this We need a series of other features and parameters to design a modern villa in Iran. It seems that considering these parameters, we can hope for the design of a modern villa.

The first condition that we must consider in designing a modern villa is the environmental conditions of the place where the villa is to be built. These environmental conditions include the climate as well as the geographical area in which we must use the best building materials to build a villa. The second characteristic is the number of people who are going to live in the villa and what area of ​​the interior of the villa is allocated to people and how much is allocated for the exterior of the villa.

But in my opinion, the most important part in the design of a modern villa is the proportions used in its interior design. Proportions that have a good harmony and when a person enters the villa, the correct and calm inspiration of the interior of the villa is transferred to him. The type of color used in the villa, the type of materials and interior and exterior decoration of the villa, as well as the proportions of geometric shapes in the villa can affect the amount of relaxation of people.

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